Featured Opportunities


Opportunity Details

  • 16' wide x 5' high - single-sided banner
  • Mounted from interior hang points
  • From North end of meeting room hallway looking South


Opportunity Details

  • 22' wide x 6' high - single-sided banner
  • Max size
  • Mounted from interior hang points
  • From Level 200 Concourse, using scissor lift
  • Installed above or below the arch will determine need for (2) SS or (1) DS Banner

C204a - C204d

Level 2 to Terrace Level Right Escalator, Glass - 9.2

  • 99' x 23 1/2" phototex graphic applied to center glass (not curved ends)
  • 4 opportunities *price shown is for each individual opportunity

Registration Line Distribution Bowls

Distribute your small give-away to attendees as they wait in line at registration.  

This is the perfect way to reach attendees as they first arrive at the Midwinter Meeting. Registration is the first stop and the first opportunity for you to make an impression and drive traffic to your booth. Give out anything from buttons and stickers to lip balm or key chains.

  • Suggested quantity of give-aways: 5,000
  • 5 opportunities available, limit of one per company

ALA Midwinter Meeting Opportunities

Your participation in ALA's 2020 Midwinter Exhibits is a valuable part of the meeting experience for more than 6,000 library leaders. Increase your exposure at ALA Midwinter 2020.  We have opportunities that help you generate leads and booth traffic, and promote brand awareness.


Overall, 87% of the attendees are a buying influence for at least one of the products and services exhibited at the Midwinter Meeting. 62% of the Midwinter Meeting attendees found new companies to do business with based on their time spent in the exhibits.


By its very nature, the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting attracts a focused group of top library professionals from across all facets of librarianship and information technology. They are searching for new ways to deliver service and keep their libraries a focal point of the communities they serve. Over 6,000 librarians are expected to register; these are the decision makers you need to meet! Support your exhibit participation through the variety of opportunities available to you as a Midwinter Meeting Exhibitor.


Questions? Contact Rich Widick, rwidick@heiexpo.com, 630/929-7918.